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Dr. Shruti Dandawate-Chaudhari

Dr Shruti had a keen interest in medicine since her childhood days; being the daughter of two surgeons made her decision of taking up Surgery very easy. She has graduated from Kashibai Navale medical college,Pune. She pursued her masters in General Surgery in Manakula vinayagar medical college, Pondicherry. Since completion of post graduation, she has attended many conferences and is always busy updating new advcances in multiple branches of Surgery. She is trained in Upper GI endoscopy under Dr Amit Maydeo. She has further completed PGDMLS from Symbiosis university and FISCP (fellowship in international society of coloproctology).Dr Shruti believes in creating social awareness amongst the community with respect to important diseases. She also enjoys writing blogs during her free time. Dr Shruti is also pursuing MBA in healthcare management from DY Patil institute.

"To be a successful surgeon, you will need the eye of a hawk, the heart of a lion and the hands of a lady"

Dr. Ajinkya Dandawate

He has always been a multi-talented multi-faceted person with significant achievements during his educational phase spanning over 15 years after leaving school. He has secured admission in MBBS on his own merit and successfully completed the course with flying colours. He further went on to secure admission for MASTERS IN SURGERY, again, on his own merit and completed the course with multiple successful solo surgeries.

He is also a published author and a research oriented, constantly updated surgeon with more than half a dozen published research articles in international journals.
*He harbours many hobbies and interests and has a very approachable friendly and non-judgemental personality. He enjoys a conversation on a myriad of topics ranging from food, travel, stock markets, economy, history all the way to spirituality.

"This is 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure,50% PAIN, And a 100% reason to remember the name"

- Fort Minor
Dr. Rohit Dandawate

Inspired by his school preaching (Dnyaan Prabodhini ,Pune), he sowed the seeds of Surgical Nursing Home in Nallasopara, where it was needed the most in 1990 _ leaving the sophisticated life of Pune city. He faught against all odds here including paucity of water, electricity , trained staff,and many such daily problems and brought the moto of his School into reality - 'Bloom wherever planted' by answering every challenge . He is a pioneer of Laparoscopic Surgery in Vasai district and he enjoyed synergistic work with many Surgeons newly venturing into this field since 2001. His relentless efforts for achieving newer and newer heights in delivering safe, ethical Surgical treatment ; health education for common people; standardization of health care ( ISO, NABH); provision of upcoming Surgical technologies for betterment of patients in this area - are a few of his special interests. Music, Photography, drawing, travelling are his hobbies. 'Swarankit' - an Organisation for promoting Indian Classical Music was established by him in 1995 which really brought a cultural revolution in this area.

सर्वेsपि सुखिन: सन्तु सर्वे सन्तु निरामयः
(Let everyone be happy and healthy)

Dr. Varsha Dandawate

Dr. Varsha was very passionate about being doctor since her school days and about becoming a Surgeon since her second year of MBBS. Her scooling and Medical education took place in Pune. After completing her M.S. General Surgery, she started her practice in Sushrut Hospital, Nallasopara. Being the first Lady Surgeon in Vasai District, she has spent whole life in solving health issues of so many ladies in this area with utmost compassion and assurance. She is a pioneer of G.I. Endoscopy in this area since 2000. 'Beyound Medicine', her interests are vast and to name a few are - Indian Classical Vocal Music (Sangeet Visharad), writing (columnist in Loksatta, writer of the book- 'डाॕक्टरांच्या जगात', 'आरोग्यविचार', many poems ,'Choice' drama ,आधुनिक मंगळागौरीची गाणी' in Marathi, articles for Mumbai Akashwani 'ऐसी अक्षरे रसिके', 'शंकासमाधान' on dr.dandawate 's sushrut hospital fb etc) and travelling.

'न त्वहम् कामये राज्यम्, नः स्वर्गम् , न पुनर्भवम्
कामये दुःखतप्तानाम् प्राणिनाम् आर्तीनाशनम्'.

(O Lord, I dont seek power, neither heaven nor rebirth; I just seek the strength for relieving the sufferings of my patients !)

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